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        Model:Hydraulic Busbar Bender

        Item Number:80448-80449

        Product Description


        Need to purchase the matched pump


        Main ingredient:

        Product Parameters
        Item number 80448 80449
        Model PLW-125 OKX-201
        Max size of copper busbar(mm) 厚 10 x寬 125 Thickness 12 x Width 125
        Angle of bend(°) 0-90 0-90
        Weight(kg) 79 52.5
        Dies (mm) 4 x (40-80) 5 x (40-80) 6 x (40-80) 8 x (40-80) 10x(100-125) 12.5x(100-125) 4 x (40-80) 5 x (40-80) 6 x (40-80) 8 x (40-80) 10 x (40-80) 10x100 10x(100-125) 12x(100-125)
        Applicable pump ZCB6-5 PEX-1、PEX-2