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        Model:CQ-YQ60 Hydraulic Puller

        Item Number:80003

        Product Description


        It is used to connect a variety of conductors and ground; string a wire or two wires


        · lnfinitely variable speed and line control ,the pull in the rope can be read on the line pull gauge .

        · The max pull for conductor -stringing operation can preset ,automatic overload protection system .

        · Spring applied -hydraulic release brake acts automatically in case of hydraulic failure ensure to safety .

        · Attached reel winder with automatically level wind ,load and unload conveniently .

        Main component:

        1.Engine : Cummins(DONGFENG)water cooled diesel engine.

        2.Main variable pump and main motor :Rexroth (BOSCH)

        3.Reducer :RR (ltalian)

        4.Main hydraulic valve : Rexroth (BOSCH).

        5.Matched reel:GSP1400 (ltem number :80012)

        Main ingredient:

        Product Parameters
        Type CQ-YQ60
        Maximum pull force(kN) 60
        Continuous pull force(kN) 50
        Maximum speed(km/h) 5
        Bull wheel bottom of groove diameter(mm) Φ460
        Bull wheel grooves number 7
        Maximum suitable steel rope diamter(mm) Φ18
        Maximum through connector diameter(mm) Φ60
        Engine power /speed(kW/rpm) 77/2800
        Dimensions(mm) 3800 x 2100 x 2300
        Weight(kg) 3000