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        Model:Cable Blower Set

        Item Number:80121

        Product Description


        Apply to long-distance communications cable construction. generally the blow length achieve 1000-2000m. whole set is composed of cable blower set, hydraulic pump station. airproof piston ’cable seal ring .plastic seal ring,air compressor which provide compress air need to purchase additional.


        Essential technical parameter:

        1.Maximum   transportation force(N):700(consecutive adjustable )
        2.Transportation   speed(m/min):8-80(consecutive adjustable )
        3.Applicable   cable diameter(mm): Φ10~Φ11.7;Φ11.8-13.5:Φ13.6-15.3;Φ15.4~17.1.
        4.Applicable   silicon core pipe(out diameter /inner diameter)(mm):Φ33/Φ40.
        7. Air compressor require: air delivery capacity: upwards of 10m  /min. air pressure: upwards 1Mpa.

        Main ingredient:

        Product Parameters

        Pump station essential technical parameter

        Maximum pressure(Mpa) 15
        Hydraulic flux(l/min ) 10
        Gasoline(hp/rpm ) 6/1800
        Length of tube(m) 5
        Dimension(mm) 1390x700x850
        Weight(kg) 125

        Configuration: Cable blower set, hydraulic pump.a set sealing piece that specify the cable outside diameter and silicon core pipe by customer.a set model GDJ150 pipe sealing inspection equipment.