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        Production, sales of transmission and distribution line tools

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        Model:CQ-YQ220 Hydraulic Puller

        Item Number:GSP Series Reels

        Product Description


        It is used to connect a variety of conductors and ground; string a wire or two wires


        · GSP series reels are matched for pullers.

        · Cross shaft can be cusromized for the GSP series reels.

        Main ingredient:

        Product Parameters
        ltem number Model Dimensions(mm) Weight(kg)
        A B C D
        80010 GSP950 250 450 400 950 48
        80011 GSP1200 420 560 570 1200 65
        80012 GSP1400 420 560 570 1400 74
        80013 GSP1600 420 560 570 1600 102
        80014 GSP1900 420 560 570 1900 119